~ Lose 10 Pounds Instantly!

Shape F/X Look 10 Pounds Slimmer www.newport-news.com http Dear FTC Man: I was not paid nor did I get anything FREE. Your sudden interest in Spanx and Shirts with hidden panels to SUCK you in scares me and I think you have issues on SO many levels. You REEK of dysfunction and NO, you can NOT call me Mommy!
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25 thoughts on “~ Lose 10 Pounds Instantly!

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  3. First off, I love your bathroom. ha ha Secondly, that outfit is amazing. I am always looks for outfits that are somewhat dressy but casual also. The bottom line with me is, I will not wear something if its uncomfortable – I just won’t do it. I am definetly going to put this shirt on my shopping list! Great job Lana!

  4. @ukeelady How did I miss your comment. I apologize. It is there under the F/X section. It looks quite different on the fashion model but it’s the same shirt.

  5. Is the FX separate from the white shirt or? I tried looking on each of the websites but couldn’t find that particular shirt? Would love love love that .. I wear alot of white shirts, black leggings etc … Thank you :) oxoxo

  6. That’s why I LOVE Bradley Bayou’s clothing (and his book, The Science of Sexy–how each figure type can dress to look great). He kind of builds that hourglass shape into all of his stuff. I have nothing to do with his business, not selling, just a fan of his designs. Wish other designers would do this better.

  7. love your videos and your house! your house is so big your videos have an echo!
    keep the videos coming – you are so great!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this!
    …but you donĀ“t need it, because you truly look gorgeous with every outfit.
    Would love that they sell these to all of us international customers, who really need to benefit form those secret little helpers.

  9. very lovely outfit Lana!
    I wish there were such panels for guys too so I could conceal that little potbelly…
    LOVE xox Fabian

  10. I love the blouse with or without the secret panel and just wanted to share it with my viewers like myself that want that “put together” look. I love the way this blouse holds you in without wearing a painfully ugly undergarment.

  11. Yes! That panel stays put and it feels great. I love the way it holds my jiggly bits in. It makes me feel as tho it’s working and no one knows it’s there. xox

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